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Installing new perl.

I've settled on MiniVend ( as my shopping cart. MiniVend
appears to be a robust package that includes source code and it's free.
I don't know if anyone else from the list is using it but I'd love to
hear some comments.

Apparently MiniVend requires a version of perl which is different than
that which RedHat includes with their distribution. I had no idea RH
shipped something different than what is offered from the site.
I've found my error messages on the minivend mailing list and they
appear to confirm that I am having a typical non compatible Perl

What I am confused about is the proper way to install a new version of a
program, in this case Perl. Do I delete all references to the existing
Perl and then make and install the new version. I assume there's dozens
of links which will be broken after I do this.

How do I track down links and rebuild them?

Or should I track link before I remove and install a new version of a

I'll be spending the day looking for reading material that explains this