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Re: [TCLUG:4352] Installing new perl.

Just grab the newest perl RPM off redhat's contrib site and run 'rpm -U
perl*.rpm' in the directory where you downloaded it. Or, if you prefer,
'rpm -e --nodeps perl' and install perl from source. New perl versions
are mostly backwards compatible, so everything on the system should still
work. If you install perl from source, just be sure to put it in /usr, not

Nate Carlson
the infinite loop

On Sun, 28 Feb 1999, rtp wrote:

> I've settled on MiniVend ( as my shopping cart. MiniVend
> appears to be a robust package that includes source code and it's free.
> I don't know if anyone else from the list is using it but I'd love to
> hear some comments.
> Apparently MiniVend requires a version of perl which is different than
> that which RedHat includes with their distribution. I had no idea RH
> shipped something different than what is offered from the site.
> I've found my error messages on the minivend mailing list and they
> appear to confirm that I am having a typical non compatible Perl
> problem.
> What I am confused about is the proper way to install a new version of a
> program, in this case Perl. Do I delete all references to the existing
> Perl and then make and install the new version. I assume there's dozens
> of links which will be broken after I do this.
> How do I track down links and rebuild them?
> Or should I track link before I remove and install a new version of a
> program?
> I'll be spending the day looking for reading material that explains this
> process.
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