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Re: [TCLUG:6361] Scrolling problem with Pine and PPP

Take a look at your TERM environment variable in each case.
echo $TERM 
will tell you what it is set to. Try setting it to the one
that works. I think that the TERM is set to xterm in an 
xterm and VT100 or VT220 or linux or something like that
for the other instance. 

You can set the environment variable with:
export TERM=vt100
setenv TERM vt100

in the bash and csh respectively.

hope this works,

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Dave MacCallum wrote:

> I have a small, and probably naive, question about using Pine when
> connected to the U of MN using ppp via a modem.  After connecting, I
> telnet to my account at the U of MN from an xterm.  I run Pine 4.05 from
> an xterm, and when I open an email that is larger than one screen it
> scrolls up part of each page.  It looks like the screen-size Pine is using
> is larger than the xterm screen-size. The strange thing is that this does
> not happen when I connect with slip.
> Here's the details of how I make my connection with ppp: 
> (1) dial up with minicom
> (2) send login and password
> (3) at the 'slip-server>' prompt type 'ppp'
> (4) quit minicom, using CTRL-A, Q
> (5) from an xterm:
> 	$ /usr/sbin/pppd /dev/modem 38400 crtscts defaultroute &
> This starts ppp just fine, i.e., Netscape works, etc. The scrollong
> problem with Pine now occurs when I telnet to my account from an
> xterm.  
> As I said above, the scrolling problem does not occur when I enter my
> server at (3) above instead of using ppp.
> By the way, I've never been able to use the RH tools to get a PPP
> connection to the U of MN. I use RH 6.0, but also couldn't make things
> work with RH 5.2. I suspect my chat script. Any suggestions on PPP
> connections to the U of MN  would also be appreciated.
> Thanks very much,
> Dave
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