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Cheap high-volume backups?


Ok, I've got about 16 gigs of harddrives and I think it's time I ran a

I'd like to get a SCSI DAT drive, because I know and trust DAT (as long as
I make dual backups of each tape!). But those things are expensive as
heck, especially DAT3... 

I tohught about a 2 gig JAZ drive, but I hear the media is a bit
expensive, and I figure I'll need at least 20 gigs worth of media (double
backups, compression, etc). 

Right now the best option looks like a CD-R. I can get a Plextor x4/x12
Internal SCSI for around $250, and mediais dirt-cheap. Could get 100 CDs
for like $50 or less, make several backups and have enough left to play
frisbie with. Plus I end up having a CD-R which is pretty cool (:

Anyone have a nice Backup Media/Drives comparison thing or advice? I'm
moving on the 26th and I want to have a backup before that...