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Re: [TCLUG:6412] __bzero

Well I did decide to upgrade everything last night and started with my C
libraries, it is most likely that it used egcs to compile the C libraries (glibc
2.1.1).  I assume there must be a way of recompiling glibc with gcc instead?


Brady Hegberg wrote:

> I was getting this error for awhile - if I remember right it comes down to
> a situation where you've got a glibc that was compiled using egcs but other
> libs were compiled using gcc (or vice versa) and they're conflicting.  I
> never figured out how to fix it...I just used RPMs for everything.
> >I keep getting this error when compiling multiple
> >applications.  Specifically, I
> >am getting it with binutils and glib to new 2.  It keeps saying "undefined
> >reference to '__bzero'" and then craps out.  Does anyone know why it's doing
> >this, and ho to fix it?
> >
> >thanks,
> >
> >serge
> >
> >
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