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Re: [TCLUG:6489] Qwest bids for USWest Really RE: DSL

> $300+ for ISDN?
> Wow! Shop around, most ISPs, include Real Time offer ISDN at $25/month.
> Are they prices for dedicated ISDN?
> -- 

Yup. She has 128k "nailed-up" ISDN service. She would pay over $300/mo for
always-on 384k service, which I'll be getting for $60/mo. my
uploads aren't 384. I'll live.

Flat-rate ISDN is very expensive. Even the per-minute stuff is more
expensive for my usage than this DSL option considering that $25 only gets
you *service.* The line tarriffs on the kind of time I needed were running
$80/mo. last time I checked (a while ago, admittedly). Onvoy's price
INCLUDES a static IP, two email accounts and Web server space. It isn't
just the line. At that rate, it is FASTER than the comparable USWest
service for the same price. It's still $40 (line) +$20 (ISP) for 256k
service from USWest, right?

Anyway, I'm happy that I will finally have something other than my 33.6
modem for a price I can afford. Even if it is more expensive than USWest,
I don't have that option.

BTW, USWest's DSL routers AND installation are free? I remember a promo
where they had free routers, but the install wasn't free...