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Re: [TCLUG:6489] Qwest bids for USWest Really RE: DSL

Quoting Neal Tovsen (
> Sorry I'm such a looser. I just don't happen to live in one of the areas
> that have been "Blessed" by USWest. Yes, I'm sure we'd all love to have
> 768k service for free, but I've waited over 2 years since USWest told me
> they would be delivering. I can't even get Media1 cable. My neighbor is
> spending almost $150/mo for ISDN service from "wonderful", "friendly"
> USWest because she couldn't get it either. Why the hell would USWest want
> to give me DSL for $40/mo when they could give me a bundle of ISDN's for
> the same speed at $300+? On top of it all, if every employee at MRNet is
> *half* as intelligent and friendly as the woman I just talked to, I'll
> gladly pay extra.

$300+ for ISDN?

Wow! Shop around, most ISPs, include Real Time offer ISDN at $25/month.

Are they prices for dedicated ISDN?
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