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Re: [TCLUG:6525] redhat vs mandrake

Please tell me if you have a good experience with Caldera's netware
client. It was very flacky for me on redhat 5.1. It would work fine on
some directories and never on others (on the same server!) and others
would pop on and off. I never got printing working either. ncpfs-2.2
worked great for me. long files (caldera doesn't support that!),
printing, etc, but I would like to use NDS. 

If you plan on using ipx much of the time, I'd compile it straight into
the kernel, although you should be able to get it to work as a module.
Also, run something like `ipx_configure --auto-something
--auto-somethingelse` the exact command should be in the ipx

> I know most people will not need Netware connectivity but that is one
> of the reasons I wanted to try Caldera. I don't know if it works well
> or not since I havne't got the nic running yet. I have been using the
> ncpfs-2.2.0 to mount my netware servers and that works ok for logging
> into root, but it doesn't fully support NDS like Calderas Netware for
> linux is supposed to. I will have to monkey around with it some more.
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