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Re: [TCLUG:4379] Linux threat to Microsoft grows - Mar. 1, 1999

Hi Wade,

I'm wondering if you might help me with this:

- I have a 10,800 MB hard disk which I'd like to put Windows and Linux. I 
utilized fdisk to partition the disk but fdisk just see 8GB out of the 10GB. I 
decided to change the number of heads, cylinders and sectors (the disk geometry) 
to fill the 10800MB. The disk geometry is this:

heads  128,  sectors   63,  cylinders   2651.

With that geometry fdisk can see almost the whole disk. After that I created 4 
partitions :

1 120MB   linux boot
2 3.5GB   Windows
3 128MB   linux swap
[4 The rest of the disk  extended.]
5 1GB     /usr

The problem arose when I tried to add another partition 
6 1GB     /home

When I utilized the command "v" (verify) fdisk said that partitions 5 and 6 were 
overlaped. Something that I have noticed is that this problem arises only when 
the two partitions are above cylinder 1024. In my case partition 5 is starting 
under cylinder 1024 (979), but partition 6 is way over cylinder 1024.

I have found some documents where it's said that for IDE hd's there's a 8GB 
limit but those documents are very very old and the linux community is 
continously improving the software, so I'm sure there's a workaround somewhere. 



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> Um...
> "... The downside of Linux is it's hard for novices to use and does not work 
> well on home PCs..."
> Strange... I've had better luck getting Linux running on my IBM PoS/1 than 
> WinAnything. Wasn't Linux developed for the home PC?
> hrm...
> food for thought......
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