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Re: [TCLUG:4429] SuSE v. Slack

evan wrote:

>    Noticed a big difference with roll your own (Slackware) v. preconfigured
> (SuSE) distributions. Slack allows the user to customize their system as
> far into detail as possible, whereas SuSE appears to set up users with
> their system defaults.
>    In SuSE, for example, if root issues the following command:
>    #-root> useradd shelltest -s /bin/ash shelltest
>    SuSE will create the user "shelltest" with with ash as the default shell.
> At the same time, however, it throws in all sorts of default <bash> stuff.
> If YAST is used, it's no better. Good Lord, upon user sign-on, all those error
> messages!
>    When my other partition is cleared of Windoze, we'll see what
> happens with Caldera.
>    How does Debian rate?
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I will attempt to save you the trouble, Caldera sucks.