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Re: [TCLUG:4436] nftp replacement

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Sometime around the 3rd of March in 1999, a certain Nate Carlson said:

: well, you can have multiple filenames on the "get" string, but not scroll
: through and pick the ones you want..
: ----
: Nate Carlson
: the infinite loop
: On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Ben Luey wrote:
: > > I haven't personally tried nftp.. I use ncftp 3.x though, it's beta (but
: > > what isn't?), but it works great.
: >
: > Can you select multiple files for download? (prefibly scroll through and
: > mark the ones you want)

There's a rather nifty-ish one called sftp that does what you're looking
for. It's console-based, and splits the window vertically into two frames
/ panes, on the left being the local drive and on the right being the
remote host. You can scroll through and mark them off with the spacebar,
and then you just hit enter to download them all.

.. I don't use it (I always just use /bin/ftp) but it's not too bad, I
suppose. Even has a pseudo-menu-bar thing at the top.

.. As an aside, what makes ncftp so popular ? I notice that a whole lot of
people use it .. granted, I've only used version 1.8.3 (1994, heh) but I
don't really have a reason to stop using normal ftp, so I haven't bothered
installing a newer version. ncftp 1.8.3 is, for all intents and purposes,
normal /bin/ftp. Well, as far as I can see. The one reason I could see for
using it would be because you can specify the filename on the command
line, but I've got a little program that does that anyway.

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