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Re: [TCLUG:4436] nftp replacement

> .. As an aside, what makes ncftp so popular ? I notice that a whole lot of
> people use it .. granted, I've only used version 1.8.3 (1994, heh) but I

For me it's mostly a convenience thing.  Ncftp has automatic bookmarking
and things like that.  So once I've connected to as
anonymous, from then on I can just type 'ncftp realtime' and the
connection goes through from there.  What's more it remembers that the
last time I transfered from realtime I was in binary mode and was in the
directory /pub/redhat/lastest/RedHat/i386/RPMS.  Neither of those features
is particularly earth-shattering in its novelty, but I've always been a
sucker for programs that try to learn how I'd like them configured without
me having to explicity set up their convenience features.

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