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Re: [TCLUG:4495] Cisco 675 Router

Another way to do it would be to use the internal 
routing capabilities of the router itself.  Wade
Harding and I played with his a few days ago but we
haven't been able to test it yet cause USWest 
hasn't turned on the DSL yet.

If you have an extra ethernet card that would probably
be the easiest to set up but then you might need to 
have one computer up all the time as a router.   

Allie:  The router has documentation with it so take a look at that. 
If you can bring your router and docs
to the installfest I could show you a little about how to set it up.
(or maybe someone with a little more 
experience with them).  I'll be sure to let you 
know how it works when Wade gets his DSL set up.
(Supposedly Tuesday)


Sorry this is going out so late.  I finally had a 
chance to catch up on email.

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