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Re: [TCLUG:4588] Gnome


On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Michael Hicks wrote:

> Unfortunately, Gnome isn't the greatest speed demon on the planet..  I
> think the 1.0 release takes longer to start than some other recent
> versions, but I might just be imagining things..

Not the fasters is an understatement. 

The reason I'm looking at it is I've got to setup Linux for a friend who
lives kinda far away (Chicago), and I'm trying to make it as simple as
possible for her... waiting over 2 minutes for Gnome to start is not a
good thing. 

> It helps to have plenty of memory (I have 64MB, and it looks like it's
> getting a bit tight... *sigh*), and a decent speed processor (I ran
> Gnome 0.99.x on a P166 without complaints..  Now I have an K6-2 333, so
> it's better than it was..

I've got 128MB, and a K6-2/300, and it took 2 minutes, during which the
CPU was not heavily loaded, and memory consumption did not go up wildly.
It was running and releasing things.. I'll look at it again when I get

My friend's got an old Pentium/133. Guess Gnome's not going to be working
for her, is it (:

> Heh..  if that happens, you may want to whack your ~/.gnome directory,
> or maybe only some of the files in there. 

Yeah, except I don't know which. I assumed that's where Gnome hides all
it's config files, like what's on the panel.

> Window Maker is not fully Gnome compliant (although I think they said
> they were..)

Yup, they most certainly did.

> I run Enlightenment, which is definitely improved from earlier versions,
> but still has it's problems.. 

I remember trying to run Enlightenment on a 486 (: Anyway, I'm not really
an E fan.. maybe when they get to a lean, stable version. Still, it LOOKS

> I know that gmc is highly unstable, but I haven't had many problems with
> gnome-session.  I have heard that gnome-session doesn't talk well with
> apps running as root, so if you were just testing as root, I'd recommend
> testing as a user.

The only thing I do as root is compile/install things. I don't really know
what gmc is - it crashed while trying to play... uh... one of the games, I
forget which. And while moving things around. And when the cat sneezed in
the other room...