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Partitioning Question

I am looking for opinions about the number and size of partitions to create
on a new Linux box...

First some background.  I just found out about TCLUG earlier this week and
have been lurking for the past few days.  I am new to Linux, but have been
using Unix at the U of M as a CS undergrad for the past 3 years.  

I am getting ready to install Redhat 5.2 on a system I just retired as my
main system.  The computer is a P-133 w/ 64 meg RAM.  I have one 1.0 Gig hd
so far and have a 6.4 gig in route.

My question is this, I have read in various places different opinions about
the best arrangement of partitions.  I am wondering from a real world point
of view, what is best?  Initially the system will be for playing around and
experimenting, but who knows...maybe I'll be able to get rid of NT on my
other box :-).

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.