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RE: [TCLUG:4676] Partitioning Question

If you're new to Linux, I'll suggest that you create one huge root ("/")
partition and a 127 meg swap partition.   Play around, hose and reload the
box a few times, have fun!

For a box you want to set up as a server and forget about, it's important to
separate user data from system data.  I always set up a separate /home
partition, and on my mail server I have a separate /var/spool/mail
partition.  This way if either partition fills up with junk it won't affect
the root partition and potentially crash the box.  Also, if you need to
reload the box, you can just re-format and re-install the root partition and
leave the /home partition (with all your data) intact.

As far as exact sizes go, I'm having good luck with 300 MB for /home, and
800MB for the other system stuff. YMMV.

Carl Patten
Systems Administrator
Trimodal Inc.

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> From: David Royer []
> Sent: Thursday, March 11, 1999 10:23 AM
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> Subject: [TCLUG:4676] Partitioning Question
> I am looking for opinions about the number and size of partitions
> to create
> on a new Linux box...
> First some background.  I just found out about TCLUG earlier this week and
> have been lurking for the past few days.  I am new to Linux, but have been
> using Unix at the U of M as a CS undergrad for the past 3 years.
> I am getting ready to install Redhat 5.2 on a system I just retired as my
> main system.  The computer is a P-133 w/ 64 meg RAM.  I have one
> 1.0 Gig hd
> so far and have a 6.4 gig in route.
> My question is this, I have read in various places different
> opinions about
> the best arrangement of partitions.  I am wondering from a real
> world point
> of view, what is best?  Initially the system will be for playing
> around and
> experimenting, but who knows...maybe I'll be able to get rid of NT on my
> other box :-).
> Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.
> Dave
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