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Re: [TCLUG:4691] building box, budget $1000

*motherboard   FIC 2011 or  FIC 2012  ~$30-50
*cpu  233MMX  ~$75       www.blacklabmicro
*ram 64MB SDRAM $100
*hard drive 6.4gb Seagate $130
*case Diamond AT ~$30  www.blacklabmicro
*floppy drive 3.5"floppy ~$20

Sometimes, has some of these items if you're willing
to wait for a winning bid.  Always check to see if the
price is really a good one. Many people bidding there don't really know
what the items are really worth and the bidding goes higher than market

dana wrote:

> hey people - anyone have any suggestions on "the best components to
> build a non-scsi linux workstation for a budget of $999.99" .......
> including:
> *motherboard
> *cpu
> *ram
> *hard drive
> *case
> *floppy drive
> i already have monitor, display card, and 230w power supply, and
> ethernet.............
> thanx ,,,,,,      db
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