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Re: [TCLUG:4676] Partitioning Question

> My question is this, I have read in various places different opinions about
> the best arrangement of partitions.  I am wondering from a real world point
> of view, what is best?  Initially the system will be for playing around and
> experimenting, but who knows...maybe I'll be able to get rid of NT on my
> other box :-).

Well, I would definitely put / on a separate partition.  It's a good
idea to make sure whatever partition that the kernel is located on
(usually / or /boot) is at the beginning of the drive, under the 1024th
cylinder (it's the easy way of making sure LILO can actually access the

As other people have mentioned, it's a good idea to have your /home on a
separate partition -- it helps you keep most of your data safe when you
re-install..  I'd probably go for more than just 300MB for a /home,
though..  It's amazing how much disk space I can fill up ;-)  Of course,
I also have most of my MP3s in my home directory, so I guess that kind
of affects how everything balances out..

You said you had a 6 gig drive coming for this system?  What I would do
is put /, /usr, and anything else you want on that drive, perhaps along
with a swap (but probably not)..  On the 1 gig drive, I would put /home
and a swap -- maybe even an emergency root partition of some kind..

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