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Re: [TCLUG:4760] shareing a monitor

At 03:07 AM 3/16/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Now that you mention it, I've got two RH5.2 machines and would like to
>share a monitor between them. If it's not to expensive, I'ld like to share
>a mouse and keyboard also. It would be great to clear some space on my
>bench. The machines have identical video display cards, I don't know if
>that affects anything. I haven't even begun to research this issue so you
>would be accurate in assuming that I am completely ignorant. If you've got
>URLs for reading material, please forward them.
>I may not get around to configuring this setup for a couple weeks because
>I'll be going out of town. But, I'ld like to start thinking about it.
>Thanks much

From the SCALUG group posted about two months ago......

I just got this cool new 4 port KVM switch...

...and three cable kits plus shipping at CDW for under $165.00. It is
PS/2 only (which matters alot for the mouse, but not so much for the
keyboard), but I can deal with an extra mouse. For insterested parties,
here are the URLs:

the last one being for the appropriate cable kits (CDW had no clue, but
Belkin did). I hooked it up yesterday and it's working just fine, but it
does beep annoyingly (for the auditorially defensive) when you switch
computers. I have alot more desk real estate available at home now.

Just sharing,


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