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Re: [TCLUG:4760] shareing a monitor

I have a Belkin ( unit that used to share 
montor/keboard/mouse between
my Linux and my PC.  It worked OK but there were some funny issues with 
when you could
switch.  You had to switch once while the 2nd computer was booting or else 
it would never
recognize it.  It cost about $100 but I didn't have to worry about burning 
out my monitor with a
mechanical switch.  Here at work we have a similar unit but it can switch 
up to 8 computers.

One interesting idea though I haven't tried it:  Have a monitor for one of 
your computers
and use VNC ( to remote control the other computer when 
you need it.
Obviously Linux will boot without a monitor...there must be a way to 
disable the keyboard
check from BIOS.  (Or you could use a remote X-session instead of VNC.)

For some reason I like the idea of having a headless computer sitting there 
with nothing
plugged in except a network connection and a power cord - basically like a 
Cobalt Qube.

>Now that you mention it, I've got two RH5.2 machines and would like to
>share a monitor between them. If it's not to expensive, I'ld like to share
>a mouse and keyboard also. It would be great to clear some space on my
>bench. The machines have identical video display cards, I don't know if
>that affects anything. I haven't even begun to research this issue so you
>would be accurate in assuming that I am completely ignorant. If you've got
>URLs for reading material, please forward them.
>I may not get around to configuring this setup for a couple weeks because
>I'll be going out of town. But, I'ld like to start thinking about it.
>Thanks much
>Hugh Johnson wrote:
>> Did somebody ask about sharing a monitor between multiple computers?
>> I made a mental note to come back and answer this question, but then
>> I forgot whether it was asked here or in a newsgroup...  ;)
>> If anyone wondered, ask again.
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