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Re: Linux/Wimp95...

Well, after runnig RegClean, and having to reboot four times to get Wimp95 
to run Half-Life, I've come to the decision that I'm going to do a clean 
sweep and reinstall both Wimp and Redhat.  I had already planned on 
reinstalling Redhat.  When I installed it before, I did not set it up 
correctly.  Windoze just sucks, and I would avoid it altogether,  but I 
need my Half-Life, Total Annhilation, etc, etc.

My question is this:  Should I fdisk/format my Linux drive to Dos, 
reinstall Windoze, and then fdisk/format for Redhat?  Or can I 
format/reinstall for Windows without losing the Linux drive in the MBR?  Am 
I way off base in suspecting this might be a problem?

Also, can anyone tell me what version of Winlose will give me the *least* 
trouble?  All I really want it for will be games and a wery few programs I 
can't run in Linux.


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