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RE: [TCLUG:4944] Re: Linux/Wimp95...

well.. first off, linux is designed around non-reinstallation.. unless you have
installed lots of source, there should be no problem in just rpm'ing your way
to happiness :)

as for disk partitioning, best thing to do is this

with linux (allways a good choice for partitioning) build the folowing table

primary 1: (blank/fat32)  C:
        this will be the area for your windows stuff.. (personaly.. i have a
        seperate drive to hold that stuff :)

primary 2: (linux/ext2)   / and /usr
        this is kinda a bsd thing, it's the root/usr area, for programs

primary 3: (extended)
primary 4: (none)

extended 5: (linux/swap)
        swap area, 128MB should do it. 

extended 6: (linux/ext2)  /var
        var partition for holding mail spool, and other cache stuff

extended 7: (linux/ext2)  /tmp
        tmp area, allways a good idea to keep this seperate.

extended 9: (linux/ext2)  /home
        all "your" stuff, mine is huge, same /home/ for the last 2 years :)

size recomendations:
it all depends on the drive size, here's what i would do for a 6gig drive

windows: 1-1.5 gig.. those games are huge ja know.

/+/usr: 1-1.5 gig.. should be enough for most people, my current install only
              uses up about 500MB.. but i don't have gnome. :(

swap: 128MB (that's plenty)

/var: 150MB should be enough for redhat

/tmp: 100MB should be enough for most stuff..

/home: the rest of the drive, I build all my applications in my home directory,
       so i need lots of room, if you do debs/rpms only, it should be no
       problem, but if you build all your sources in /usr/src, you may want to
       make a seperate partition in /usr/src to prevent the /+/usr drive from
       fragmenting badly. (yes.. ext2 fragments.. not badly.. but source can
       drive it nuts)

On 23-Mar-99 Lawrence L. Crisp wrote:
> Well, after runnig RegClean, and having to reboot four times to get Wimp95 
> to run Half-Life, I've come to the decision that I'm going to do a clean 
> sweep and reinstall both Wimp and Redhat.  I had already planned on 
> reinstalling Redhat.  When I installed it before, I did not set it up 
> correctly.  Windoze just sucks, and I would avoid it altogether,  but I 
> need my Half-Life, Total Annhilation, etc, etc.
> My question is this:  Should I fdisk/format my Linux drive to Dos, 
> reinstall Windoze, and then fdisk/format for Redhat?  Or can I 
> format/reinstall for Windows without losing the Linux drive in the MBR?  Am 
> I way off base in suspecting this might be a problem?
> Also, can anyone tell me what version of Winlose will give me the *least* 
> trouble?  All I really want it for will be games and a wery few programs I 
> can't run in Linux.
> Thanks,
>   -Larry
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