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RE: [TCLUG:4974] Win95, Linux Dual boot problem

"dude, it's possesed! "
 what bios is on your board?  i have always liked award or phoenix. the award on 
my overclocked p1 multiboot as been nice ( the screen that  comes up at boot 
listing all the systems settings.what's on where, etc...)  but maybe do a full reload 
on the win system files(new/ clean copies, not backups).
  sounds kludgy but it should work better than replugging the hdd in every time.

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>Hi, Yesterday after about 2 months of not having
>to boot Win95 on a dual boot machine of mine, I
>tried to boot to win95. 
>It coughed and told me that the registry was bad
>and it was out of memory and asked me to run setup
>again. Which I did, and which hung my machine.
>Then I tried to boot back to linux and it got
>as far as "uncompressing kernel" bit and then
>promptly rebooted.  I tried to boot using a boot disk
>and faced the same problem. I tried to boot into windows 
>using a windows boot disk and it does let me see
>the prompt but then any program I run hangs.
>I opened the case up and made sure all the cables
>were tight and ran the diagnostics with the computer,
>the memory shows up as okay and it does not report 
>any problems.
>Then I disconnected all cables internal and external
>and reconnected them back and tried to boot into linux
>and  this time it managed to uncompress the kernel but
>immediately after that where it shows up the Bogomips
>message it halted with an illegal instruction "0x0" and
>dumps out all the registers and a lot of garbage. 
>Then I just unplugged the IDE drives and swapped master
>slave and primary secondary drives. And voila everything 
>was back to normal with linux. 
>But when I try to boot to Win95 I again have to go unplug
>and replug the IDE drives to get it to boot on linux. 
>I also turned off the machine waited about 5 minutes before
>turning it back on but did not help.
>Now even when I boot with the Win95 boot floppy I have
>this problem. But once it gets going after the IDE cable
>"re-plugging" excercise, linux works perfectly fine.
>I do not have a clue as to what to look for. 
>Any ideas ? 
>Also anybody know of any deals on motherboards ?
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