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Re: [TCLUG:5689] GUI email apps

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that fetchmail gets your mail from
imap or pop -- sendmail treats it as if it had been sent straight to it
via SMTP (25). Whenever your computer gets e-mail (via fetchamil or SMTP)
the mda (in most cases sendmail) takes over. Sendmail is configured to
first read the .forward person the mail is going to. Forward it told to.
Usually sendmail is then setup to run the mail through procmail with the
.procmailrc file. If this is setup you can just write a .procmailrc for
filter stuff. If sendmail isn't setup for this (compile option) you can do
that neat trick with having .forward run procmail. 

I think the default sendmail has procmail all setup, so just write the
.procmailrc file. (Note, when I upgradd to rh6.0, procmail stopped working
-- if you are having problems with it, downgrade to the procmail that
comes with rh5.2 (procmail-3.10-13) -- works fine for me)


Ben Luey
ICQ: 19144397

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