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Re: [TCLUG:5767] real audio and rh6.0

> I heard that rh6.0 (actually glibc-2.1) broke realaudio. A while ago
> (rh52)
> realaudio was working and I upgraded to rh6.0 and now rvplayer core dumps.
> I've tried downloading an rpm from and an rpm from
> realduio and a tar.gz from the same. All versions give me either a core
> dump or an error that the file compression is no supported (error 38) yet
> I get this for all types of realaudio files. Anyone gotten realaudio to
> work under rh6.0 / glibc-2.1 (if this is the problem). Thnanks,

RealPlayer has some of it's own library (.so) files that usually end up in
/usr/lib/Real or something like that.  Try running the version that says the
file compression is not supported, but first run

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/rvplayer/libraries

and tell me if that gets it to work..

I've already contacted Real about the problem, but I don't expect a reply for at
least a week..

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