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Re: [TCLUG:5689] GUI email apps

John R Sheets wrote:
> As I understand it, fetchmail grabs mail from a POP/IMAP server,
> and sends it via SMTP to the local port 25 (or whichever port it
> is).  Sendmail then processes it and places it in the spool,
> right?  But apparently, if you set up procmail, you can side-step
> the spool and get direct door-to-door delivery.  (c:

Okay, I got everything up and working last night...only to
realize that exmh2 does not (appear to) handle mail threading. 
Ooops!  Oh well, I learned a lot about fetchmail and procmail,
and will probably continue to use them, regardless of which mail
client I settle on.

So, to revise my question, what are my options for a threaded
mail client, for either GUI or console?  I think I'll look into
Mutt next, as it's threaded and handles both mbox and MH.  Hmmm,
does emacs with VM/e-mh/gnus handle threads?  Any others?