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Re: [TCLUG:6077] rh 6.0

At LILO boot (assuming "linux" is your image):

LILO linux init=/bin/sh

Will take you to a root shell.

Peter Lukas

On Tue, 18 May 1999, chad wrote:

> well, i gave in.  decided it was time to upgrade the kernel, so i gave in
> and went to compusa last night...picked up the box set so i could have the
> cool stickers....stayed up till 2:30 ( stupid me goofed up when i was
> setting the root password...took me a while to get around that!) doing the
> install and initial setup.  pretty slick, but i think that caldera's new
> install is slicker/more m$ like, but rh is definatly doing good.  i was
> impressed that for the first time ever linux detected my video card and the
> monitor correctly.  ( cl 5446 and a crappy 14 inch vga (not svga)).  but a
> question....during the install, when i thought i knew what i typed in for
> the root passwd, but really didn't, what would have been an easier way of
> resetting the password.  the rh "rescue" disk requires a second root disk,
> and there is no other operatting sys or box to use to make the disks, so no
> booting single, would i get the password reset (easier).  kinda
> after the fact, but maybe it'll save me some next time i brain fart at 1:30
> am...
> Chad Farley 
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