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Re: [TCLUG:6178] Machine hanging

I don't know of a program that will do that specifically, but you can type
'cat /proc/interrupts' to see what is using what interrupt. It will also
tell you if any irq's are being shared and such. Hope it helps..

Nate Carlson
the infinite loop

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Yaron wrote:

>   Hi,
> Well, ever since I put in that #$%^&* video capture card, my machine's
> been hanging solid occasionally. I thought I'd solved it with my
> IRQ-Musical-Chairs game... apparently not.
> It only hangs when I do intensive CDROM access (or seconary IDE, I can't
> really verify), such as trying to rip a CD. I have ripped dozens of CDs
> (for my own legal purposes, of course) before putting the card in...
> The thing is, I took the video capture card OUT, and it STILL hangs! 
> Is there any program that'll continuously output who is calling what
> IRQ/resource? That way I can see exactly who did what when it hangs...
> -Yaron
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