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Re: [TCLUG:6179] RH6.0 install

At 10:56 AM 5/26/99 -0500, you wrote:
>> I am trying to install RH6.0 on my box at work and I am getting a weird
>> Mount failed
>> Invalid Arguement
>I would bet that the swap partition wasn't formatted correctly.  I seem to
>remember having that problem before..
>Of course, the output of typing in 'mount' might be helpful here (it would
>us which partition is not getting mounted..)  Also, the output of 'free'
>say if the swap partition is getting used at all..

RH6.0 installation routine does not allow you a term session where you
could inquire on various parameters.  I was able to get past this problem
by formatting the drives, get the error, and then on the second pass,
install the packages.  

However, this brought up a new list of problems.  No matter the size of the
/usr partition, RH would report it needed more size.  I started with a
partition size of 1 GB and all the packages together were less than 500 MB.
 You can ignore the warning and install anyway, which I did.  The
installation routine installed all the packages and proceeded to tell me
that there was an error configuring the mouse.  You can go around it by
using the menu command but each succeeding point also reports a
configuration error (timezones, printing, etc).  It is at this point I
stopped.  Two points the previous email brought up.  I did not roll my own
CD, I purchased the media by way of  CheapBytes.  The second is that I am
able to boot from the CD (I tried both, CD and boot disk).

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