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RE: [TCLUG:16820] Stone Soup computers (related to Obsolete Hardware)

I've got piles of (functional) junk that would be perfect for this kind of
thing.  Would be nice to be rid of it!  Not to mention the warm fuzzy from
making something from nothing :)

Carl Patten

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> Subject: Re: [TCLUG:16820] Stone Soup computers (related to Obsolete
> Hardware)
> >So, would this kind of stone soup computer production be workable
> >at an installfest?  Would it be better as a separate function?
> >Soon after I get an Indy I'm going to need to be serious about
> >configuring my home network, and I know I'm going to need a gateway
> >box.  I'd prefer to pay very little for it since I have most of
> >what I need to build it.
> I'm in favor of a separate "hardware swap" event. basic installfests are
> complicated enough, an Indy installfest is complicated enough, and a
> hardware swap/installfest would be plenty complicated on its own. :)
> I've got a few parts I can bring... 2-3 486/25SXs; maybe a few other parts
> here & there.
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