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Re: [TCLUG:16820] Stone Soup computers (related to Obsolete Hardware)

I'd be happy to help anyone assemble a new box out of spare parts.
I don't have any spare parts at this point, but I have assembled several 
computers, mostly out of spare parts.

>As long as we talking about an installfest and obsolete hardware, I was
>wondering about something of interest to me.
>I have a pile of PC parts, including motherboards, cases, hard disks,
>display cards, etc.  (I can get my hands on some other unused parts,
>too, for that matter.)
>I know at least one other person in similar circumstances, and I would
>not be surprised if there a lot of other people in the same
>However, I am not really a hardware savy person.  (Although I have
>upgraded video cards, network cards, disk drives, and similar cards,
>which is where a lot of these parts come from.)
>Would it be reasonable and proper to bring these parts (they are not
>junk) to an installfest and hope to get help assembling these parts
>into Linux systems?
>Personally, I might be missing some things like nylon spacers to lift
>the motherboard off of the surface of the case, or cables for IDE
>drives, or floppy disk drives.  It would be nice to be able to add even
>a low-performance CD-ROM drive.
>My speculation is that if several people brought parts that many
>working computers could be assembled (probably limited by the minimum
>number of motherboards or cases).  These might not be high-end
>machines, but I will probably need some machine for acting as a
>firewall and NAT between my home network and a DSL line.
>If people who had fairly large collections of obsolete hardware to
>swap, sell, or donate were to bring these pieces to an installfest,
>then they would potentially benefit (either by receiving hardware
>more of interest, some money, or junk reduction).
>So, would this kind of stone soup computer production be workable
>at an installfest?  Would it be better as a separate function?
>Soon after I get an Indy I'm going to need to be serious about
>configuring my home network, and I know I'm going to need a gateway
>box.  I'd prefer to pay very little for it since I have most of
>what I need to build it.
>David S. Cargo
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