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RE: [TCLUG:16820] Stone Soup computers (related to Obsolete Hardware)

What would be the best way to organize such a swap meeting/installfest?

If the consensus is that it should not be part of a regular installfest,
then we need an alternative venue.

It may be that the requirements for this are different for a regular
installfest, since there will need to be more hardware assembly involved.
It would be good to have a place with ground staps and antistatic mats.

It also strikes me that some older, smaller distributions might be in
order.  I know that it is likely that some sub-Pentium machines are likely.
Perhaps we should consider what makes sense for 386, 486, and Cyrix
machines with limited disk space.  I have a CD-ROM collection that has
a variety of old Red Hat distributions.

How about, if you are interested in a Stone Soup Linux event, send email
to (not the address where I'm sending this from), and
I can gauge interest.  If there's only a few of us, maybe somebody's house
would be adequate.

If you send me an expression of interest, you are granting me permission to
publish your e-mail, or at least your name.  I can throw up a temporary
web page (or pages) to document the interest.