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Erasing Linux, going back to Windows

(Just kidding! hah!)

Dear Ann Landers,

I want to set up my Linux machine with a small old IDE HDD with WinDoS on
it, so that I can trade files with people who want to employ me. :P Four

1. Do I have to do anything besides copying the Windows 95 SCSI drivers
from my SCSI driver disk onto the Windows boot floppy, in order for
Windows to see my SCSI CD-ROM drive? I need the CD-ROM drive to install
Windows. Do I need to tweak one of those DOS files on the boot disk?

2. What does a dual-boot Linux/Win95 /etc/lilo.conf file look like?

3. Are there any precautions I should take so that Windows doesn't try to
eat my Linux partitions?

4. My neighbor doesn't fold her hand towels the way I think she should.
Should I politely tell her she's doing it wrong, or just let it go?

New to this Whole Windows Thing

---------(( Christopher Reid Palmer : ))---------

              the characters i am, made into a word complete
                              -- Meshuggah