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Re: [TCLUG:4011] InternetConnection

Serge M. Egelman wrote:

> Actually you don't need a driver.  What makes you think that?  You
> just need
> to make sure which serial port it is on and also which irq it is
> using.  Often
> times, the jumpers on the modem may have a different irq setting than
> that
> which is selected by the operating system, this is fixed by running
> setserial
> (I have gotten stuck here many times). just some advice.
> serge
> wrote:
> > Id just like to say Thanks to all of you who have help me. Ok, i got
> a
> > question about my modem under linux. It's not working now because i
> need a
> > driver for it. When i get the driver how would i install it so it
> will
> > reconize my modem?
> > Thanks in advance.
> >

I have a question along these lines as well.  I was able to use my modem
under Slackware using Seyon.  I have now put RH5.2 on and I have tried
using Minicom to get the initialization strings and whatnot for my
modem, but it doesn't do anything.  Is it possible to get Seyon for RH?

Thanks a lot!
P.S. Can you use Linuxconf to set up the scripts to connect
automatically, like say I wanted to click a button in a wharf and it
would go ahead and dial up the connection for me.

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