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Re: [TCLUG:4074] Forcing window dimensions in WindowMaker (ReallyICA Client)...

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Sometime around the 10th of February in 1999, a certain Peter Lukas said:

: The new WinFrame ICA Client has settings for window sizes and locations.
: In the ICASetup utiltiy (usually /usr/lib/ICAClient/wfcmgr -> Option
: -> Settings... "Windows" from the drop-down menu), you can specify the
: desired resolution for the WinFrame ICA Client.  Next, hit "Apply" and
: you're all set!  The changes will be saved under .ICAClient/wfclient.ini.
: You can do it by hand by inserting the following into the file:
: DesiredHRES = 640
: DesiredVRES = 480
: Usually in a window manager setting, you can specify dimentions by adding
: the -geometry flag at the command line:
: xterm -geometry 100x45+200+60
: is an example.

I guess I wasn't clear enough (as usual).

The -geometry flag -does- work, and I am using the new version of the
ICAClient, and I'm setting the res to 1024x768 in the settings and all
that. It's just that -after- it's fired up (-after- it changes its own
dimensions to the -geometry size) it gets resized by either X or WM to be
about 1/2" indented on all four sides .. it flashes at fullscreen for a
moment, but then the forced-resize takes place.

Holding Alt and moving the window and all that works fine; I was just
hoping for some way I could have it -always- start up like that, because
it's a PITA to do that every time (I use it a lot, for work).

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