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Future topic for meeting

I've only been to a couple of LUG meetings now so I may have missed out on
something but I'd love to have a talk or talks on developement for Linux.
Topics of special interest to me:

1.  Gnome developement.  (I've been trying to get the Gnome-hello-world to
compile and running into some problems.)
2.  GTK+   (I recently bought the book "Developing Linux Applications with
GTK+ and GDK", but some in-person demonstrations would be helpful.)
3.  IDEs - Does anyone out there use GNUPro Toolkit/gIDE/whatever?  What
are the dis/advantages people have found with these?
4.  A discussion of KDE vs Gnome vs GTK vs ?

BTW:  I also wanted to mention that I could probably borrow a projector
(800x600) for a meeting if somebody wanted it.  We normally use the
projector with windows but it doesn't require any particular drivers so it
should work with Linux.

Hope we can get something going.