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Re: [TCLUG:4403] Future topic for meeting

> I've only been to a couple of LUG meetings now so I may have missed out on
> something but I'd love to have a talk or talks on developement for Linux.
> Topics of special interest to me:

Those are some pretty good ones to talk about, at least for people who
want to do desktop stuff.  

I think that at some point, it would be good to do a talk on security,
seeing as many people on the list run Linux at colleges and on cable
modems or xDSL.  It would cover what daemons to run or not run, any
special applications or utilities out there, and hopefully some
locations for where to get info..

I have a bit of knowlegde on the subject, but I think we'd all be better
served by listening to someone that has dealt with the problem at an ISP
or somewhere else..

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