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Re: [TCLUG:4403] Future topic for meeting

At 01:56 PM 3/3/99 -0600, Brady thus spoke:
>I've only been to a couple of LUG meetings now so I may have missed out on
>something but I'd love to have a talk or talks on developement for Linux.
>Topics of special interest to me:
>1.  Gnome developement.  (I've been trying to get the Gnome-hello-world to
>compile and running into some problems.)
>2.  GTK+   (I recently bought the book "Developing Linux Applications with
>GTK+ and GDK", but some in-person demonstrations would be helpful.)
>3.  IDEs - Does anyone out there use GNUPro Toolkit/gIDE/whatever?  What
>are the dis/advantages people have found with these?
>4.  A discussion of KDE vs Gnome vs GTK vs ?

Number 4 is a good one. Weave in this: which environment will make Linux
to a wider audience?



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