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Re: Fixed-Frequency Video Cards ???

Mark -

Other than the video card, you might also need a BNC to VGA cable to get your
monitor work with your PC.

Following are some video card vendor links for you:

There are other vendors but as you said, they are too expensive.  SI87 now has
a low price and MIRAGE has tons of info about Fixed Frequency monitor and video

If you need more info, give a call.  You can find me on the NORWEB employee

Song Chen

"Schlough, Mark (NM IT)" wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a MAC 20 inch monitor at home and its got 5 BNC cables on the back
> (R-G-B H-V)
> Of Couse I need a fixed Frequency video card to go with it, anybody have an
> idea where I could find one?
> Mark