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Re: [TCLUG:4595] Sound still doesn't work

What kind of sound card/chip do you have?  To initialize the sound chip
and get Linux sound working with the Crystal CS4236 in my laptop, I
finally resorted to loading the DOS driver before booting Linux...

Crystal's driver gets loaded in the Win95 CONFIG.SYS file:


Then, I run loadlin in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file to boot Linux:


I hope this helps.

(CONFIG.SYS is actually set up with a boot menu, so I can choose either
Linux or Win95 at bootup, but that's not really relevant to your sound
card problem.)

Joel wrote:
> One of the worst things about Linux is the difficulty in configuring your system.
> Tried running isapnp, uncommented the lines in /etc/isapnp.conf, ran it, but nothing comes out of the speakers in KDE when playing a CD, and kmixer states there is no mixer support for my system. The boot message states the system detects the sound card. Btw, windoze, upon boot, gives me the following data: SBPro I/O=220 IRQ=5 DMA=1.
> How do I actually get sound to work?
> Maybe buy a Mac.
> evan
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