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Re: [TCLUG:4826] Hardware upgrade

I'm not sure how much this will help, but I also have a Zeos Pantera..  A p90
in fact and I have gotten it to use an Intel p200MMX overdrive processor
with little problem.  I thought that the fact that I have a socket 5 would be
a problem since on the box for the processor it says it says recommended for
use in a socket 7, use in a socket 5 at your own risk.  I plopped the chip in
and it worked great!  I ran the diag software and everything checked and that 
was that!  I purcased the chip about 2 years ago now, and it was about $275 then.  
I'm sure it's *much* cheaper now.  Oh and I was running 64 megs of EDO in it too
without a hitch.

Hope this helps.

>   Since several  of us are at the moment talking about hardware issues,
> I hope it wouldn't be too off topic to add yet one more...
>   I have a Zeos Pantera P-120 machine, If any of you recall the days
> of Zeos before Micron bought them out (grumble).
>   Anyway, for being a "mere" 120 machine it is still quite fast IMHO.
>   (for a P-120)
> Last time I  checked, I could upgrade it to a P-160 (?) with a pentium
> overdrive
> unit, but that was several months ago, and things have changed alot sense
> then.
>    The upshot of this is, I was looking for suggestions for upgrading the
> alone, or maybe in tandem with the MB that would still allow me to use my
> existing EDO RAM.  RAM is sorta pricey right now.  I see you guys talking
> about the overclocked Celeron chips and drool, but I gather that would
> require
> at least a new MB, processor, and RAM correct?
> Thanks for any ideas,
> RS
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