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Hardware upgrade

  Since several  of us are at the moment talking about hardware issues,
I hope it wouldn't be too off topic to add yet one more...
  I have a Zeos Pantera P-120 machine, If any of you recall the days
of Zeos before Micron bought them out (grumble).
  Anyway, for being a "mere" 120 machine it is still quite fast IMHO.
  (for a P-120)
Last time I  checked, I could upgrade it to a P-160 (?) with a pentium
unit, but that was several months ago, and things have changed alot sense

   The upshot of this is, I was looking for suggestions for upgrading the
alone, or maybe in tandem with the MB that would still allow me to use my
existing EDO RAM.  RAM is sorta pricey right now.  I see you guys talking
about the overclocked Celeron chips and drool, but I gather that would
at least a new MB, processor, and RAM correct?
Thanks for any ideas,