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Re: [TCLUG:4822] Ram, only detecting 65 of 128 meg. Problem!

The new ram is an upgrade from 32 meg to 128. I based the purchase on what the
inventory sheet from the original purchase stated which is "32mb sdram 10ns
4x68 168pin". The new ram is 16x64 sdram 128mb 168 pin 10ns. Unless the
inventory sheet is awry, it would appear I didn't gap and order the wrong

My original thought was The Memory Man shipped me the wrong item. I suppose
that's still a posibility. I purchased the machine from Pony and they've always
been real good about answering questions. They may have some insights on the
Pills mother board and what it takes to detect 128mb rather than 64.

ron parker

Just in case it was The Memory Man's fault, I curse them. :) In fact, I curse
them twice.

Marty wrote:

> >The bios Chipset Features setup interface has settings for; SDRAM
> RAS-to-CAS Delay
> >and SDRAM RAS Precharge Time which are both set to slow. My point being, of
> course
> >these thoughts are spawned from a mind that is ignorant on these hardware
> issues,
> >that the sdram settings indicate compatibility. Perhaps?
> >
> Cool, so the BIOS looks like it might be happy with SDRAM after all...
> Can we sanity check the RAM is seated in the slots correctly etc? As someone
> mentioned earlier, until the machine registers 128Mb on startup tests, the
> OS doesn't have much hope of seeing it either.
> I guess worst case scenario now is to take the machine and the RAM back to
> place of purchase and have their tech's get it detected.
> Good luck!
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