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Re: [TCLUG:4813] Linux/Wimp95 question

Hello everyone.  

This is my first posting to the list, so I'll say hello and ask a ques.


Im a first time Linux user, I just somewhat successfully struggled through
the partitioning and installation process.  Everything seemed groovey.  One
of the primary reasons I wanted to install Linux was, aside from stability,
to gain experience with apache httpd, perl, and java in a real environment.

Problem is:  I tried to install apache from source code.  So I bring it onto
my hard drive, gunzipit and de-tar it, and try to compile it, and/.... LOW
AND BEHOLD!  I dont have a C compiler, apparently.  where gcc or acc or
anythign was expected Linux told me it wasn't.  So I moved the SRPM of gcc,
which LOW AND BEHOLD! requires the "make" pprogram, which Linux is telling
me I don't have... and so on....

Did something go drastically wrong here?  How can I compile a program that
requires a c compiler that needs to be compiled and a "make" program that
also needs to be compiled.

Am I misunderstanding this greatly?  (I installed Redhat 5.1 from cd.
Shouldn't gcc be part of that??)

Anyway, I really hope somebody can help because otherwise I'm going to start
over... and i REALLY dont want to do that again....


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