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Re: [TCLUG:4813] Linux/Wimp95 question

> Did something go drastically wrong here?  How can I compile a program that
> requires a c compiler that needs to be compiled and a "make" program that
> also needs to be compiled.

Ahh.. the chicken-and-the-egg question (or something..)

Most likely, you didn't check the "C Development" box when installing
(or something along those lines)..

Also, considering you want to run Apache, I'm surprised you want to
compile it..  There should be an RPM on the RedHat CD..

Did you install RedHat as a "Workstation"?  They may or may not have
installed all the necessary stuff.

Personally, I think I'd actually recommend that you re-install.  You
could go into the "RPM" (not SRPM) directory of the RedHat CD and get
all of the packages, but it may take a while for you to get everything
you actually need.  (gcc, egcs, make, automake, etc., etc.)

What you'd do on the re-install is select "Custom" as the install type,
then make sure you get all the stuff associated with "Development", be
it C/C++ or X-Windows..

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