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Re: [TCLUG:4813] Linux/Wimp95 question (Changed to: Install problems)

Well, I am not sure why you are using the sources to install
the apache and the compiler. They should be already available
as binaries in your first CDROM which contains the initial installation
images. I am assuming you are using Redhat.

If you are using redhat, on the first CD go to the RedHat/RPMS 
directory and you will find the binary install images for apache
and then I guess you will not need the compiler !

rpm -ivh apache*.rpm

should get you what you want once you are in that directory.

hope this helps,
sandipan wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> This is my first posting to the list, so I'll say hello and ask a ques.
> Hello.
> Im a first time Linux user, I just somewhat successfully struggled through
> the partitioning and installation process.  Everything seemed groovey.  One
> of the primary reasons I wanted to install Linux was, aside from stability,
> to gain experience with apache httpd, perl, and java in a real environment.
> Problem is:  I tried to install apache from source code.  So I bring it onto
> my hard drive, gunzipit and de-tar it, and try to compile it, and/.... LOW
> AND BEHOLD!  I dont have a C compiler, apparently.  where gcc or acc or
> anythign was expected Linux told me it wasn't.  So I moved the SRPM of gcc,
> which LOW AND BEHOLD! requires the "make" pprogram, which Linux is telling
> me I don't have... and so on....
> Did something go drastically wrong here?  How can I compile a program that
> requires a c compiler that needs to be compiled and a "make" program that
> also needs to be compiled.
> Am I misunderstanding this greatly?  (I installed Redhat 5.1 from cd.
> Shouldn't gcc be part of that??)
> Anyway, I really hope somebody can help because otherwise I'm going to start
> over... and i REALLY dont want to do that again....
> Nick
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