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Re: [TCLUG:6331] Re: FW: [TCLUG:6307] thanks

You hit it dead center. _MINDLESS_  fanatical, is the problem.  An
informed discussion of shortcomings is a totally different thing.

Troy Johnson wrote:
> Well, nothing is "all" positive or negative (except maybe in our minds,
> theoretically), but this would be the place to go , I think, if you were
> looking for "Linux zealots" ;-)
> I disagree about one thing, however, and that is about MS bashing:
> _mindless_ MS bashing will make us look like zealots, but a well
> informed and articulately listing of things you dislike about an MS
> product or MS as a company should not. That's not to say it won't be
> assumed, but a presumptuous person would think I was a Linux zealot
> because I subscribed to this list.
> It is also not to say that all critisism on the list is articulate,
> informed, or even justified. Perhaps you are right, in essence. We
> shouldn't set our sites so low. We should know our enemy from the cloth
> of his cap to the heel of his boot. We can seek out every weakness, and
> make a loud mockery of only those things that truly deserve it.
> Now that, good neighbor, is a zealot talking.
> I say these things in jest, but I suspect similar words have fallen from
> the lips of zealots in Redmond, Washington. And I don't think they are
> joking, not in the least.
> :-)
> Troy
> Larry Greenwald wrote:
> >
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